The Meeting for the MA Program Modern Chinese Studies Held in the School of Humanities


On September 20, 2023, the meeting for the MA program Modern Chinese Studies was held in the School of Humanities. Initiated by Prof. Cai Wenjing, Vice Dean of the School of Humanities and the coordinator of the class of 2020, it attracted faculty representatives, administrative staff and program students to attend. It was moderated by  Associate Prof. Shi Donglai, the coordinator of the class of 2023.

During the meeting, the attendees briefly introduced themselves and had in-depth exchanges in terms of course selection, research directions, social life and other aspects. Students expressed that they had met very nice teachers and classmates in the MA program and benefited a lot from it, and that they were willing to share this program with their friends and other students.

The MA in Modern Chinese Studies is a two-year English-taught program suitable for students who have developed an interest in modern China’s humanities and now want to take that to a higher level. Designed to provide a comprehensive overview of modern Chinese literature, history and philosophy, it involves intensive academic training in three pathways, including Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, and Chinese Philosophy. This year, the program has attracted many outstanding international students to join.

Written by Han Hongrui

Photo by Cai Wenjing

Edited by Zhang Yihan