Department of Chinese Language and Literature

The history of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Shanghai Jiao Tong University could be traced back to the Normal School and Special Economic Class in Nan Yang Public School , having the close relationship with the Department of Chinese Language founded in 1908 and the Department of Chinese Literature founded in 1928. The Department of Chinese Language and Literature was reintegrated at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2003. Through the ten-year development, a complete system, which covers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree programs, has been completely established.

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature has been following the guideline of high-quality education to train elites; now around 100 students are studying in the Department. The teaching method for undergraduate students considers small classes and tutorial system with Sino-foreign culture exchange as its characteristics; students are also encouraged to study abroad; each year, a high percentage of graduates further their studies at renowned universities and intitutions both at home and abroad. The enrollment of postgraduate students has been continuously increasing while the quality of cultivation has been improved year by year.

The faculty of the Department includes 33 full-time teachers, among which 13 are professors, 13 are associate professors and 7 are lecturers and assistant researchers. Some of the professors enjoy high reputation both at home and abroad. The majority of young and middle-aged teachers have overseas educational background and are becoming the new rising stars in their own fields. In recent years, the Department has undertaken a series of Major Programs of National Social Science Foundation of China and many other provincial and ministerial level programs and focuses on inheritance of Chinese civilization, modern and contemporary literature and cultural ecology, Marxist aesthetics and cultural studies, as well as comparison of cultures between China and western countries, with the aim of building a national first-class faculty team with international reputation and working hard to make more contributions to build a first-class School of Humanities at the magnificent plan of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.