Department of History


The Department of History was founded in 2003 and the current Head of the Department is Professor Li Yushang. Up to March 2017, the faculty of the Department includes 22 full-time teachers, among which 7 are professors, 1 is special researcher, 6 are associate professors, 3 are lecturers, 1 is assistant researcher, and 4 are full-time researchers.

The Department follows the guideline of "focusing on basic literature, serving the great strategy of the Country, and adopting the interdisciplinary approach" for the academic development. Starting from the year of 2016, the Department of History will enroll students for the first-level master degree program of Chinese history, which includes four second-level master degree programs: ancient Chinese history, Modern Chinese History, Contemporary History of China and History of Particular Subjects.

The program of ancient Chinese history emphasizes the combination of new historical records and methods of social science; the program of Modern Chinese History focuses on on the combination of archival documents and critical issues (Tokyo Trial, the Resistance War against Japan and Sino-foreign relations); the program of Contemporary History of China focuses on the in-depth analysis of the archives kept at counties around the country; the program of History of Particular Subjects including the environmental history and disease history emphasizes the interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

The education for postgraduates in the Department of History aims to cultivate more high-quality students. Many postgraduate students have published academic papers on prestigious journals,or traveled abroad for academic exchanges, or participated in international conferences. Now many graduates with Master degree are studying abroad in world famous universities for their doctorate degree.