Department of Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy enjoys a long history with a master program of Marxism Philosophy authorized as early as in 1986.The faculty of the Department includes 14 full-time teachers specializing in three academic fields, namely Marxist Philosophy, Western Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy. The Department of Philosophy has initially established a few-in-number but high-in-efficiency faculty team with strong research capabilities, high academic reputation and distinctive disciplinary features. The Department and the Institute for Advanced Study in European Culture have built a number of important academic research platforms and academic exchange mechanisms, which include one base: Marxism and European culture research base, jointly built with the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau and China Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong; two journals:French Ideology Review listed in CSSCI source journals and EUROPEANA ? European Review with international issue number; two sets of academic books: European Culture Series and Light and Heavy; two high-level academic forums: Modernization: China and the World and Recreation of Chinese Philosophy; as the result, the academic influence of the Department has been expanded further both at home and abroad. To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth; To secure life and fortune for the people; To continue lost teachings for past sages; To establish peace for all future generationsis the mission of the Department of Philosophy, which will always be committed to training more first-class academic talents thorough knowledge about both China and Western countries and pushing forward the first-class academic researches from the perspective of both ancient and modern China.