The Orientation for the Double Master Degree Program and Guest Lecture Series Held between SJTU and UOB


On October 20, 2021, the orientation for the double master degree program was held between the School of Humanities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and the Faculty of Arts at University of Bristol (UOB). Ms. Susanna Batten, International Partnerships Officer at UOB, Prof. Cai Wenjing, Vice Dean of the School of Humanities at SJTU, Ms. Wu Hua, Director of the School’s Academic Affairs Office, Ms. Hou Hongying from the School’s Academic Affairs Office and Ms. Zhang Yihan from the School’s International Office attended the orientation. Staff from both universities gave a detailed introduction to the double master degree program on its mode, courses and application, and answered students’ questions. 

In order to further promote academic exchanges, SJTU and UOB later co-organized four guest lectures on humanities. Lectures entitled “The British Empire and Me, or, History Can Begin at Home”, “Augustine’s Confessions as World Literature”, “Contemporary Chinese Fiction in the Context of World Literature”, “Driven by Debt: Modern China’s Financial Obligations and Strategies, 1895-1931” were respectively delivered by Prof. Robert Bickers and Prof. Karla Pollmann from UOB, and Prof. Wang Ning and Prof. Chang Chihyun from SJTU. More than 100 faculty and students attended the lectures and had in-depth discussions on literature and history. 

In the future, the two universities will work together to ensure the smooth progression of the double master degree program, and will continue to strengthen connections and promote further exchanges in teaching and research. 

Written by Zhang Yihan 
Photo by Zhang Yihan and Susanna Batten
Edited by Zhang Yihan