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Institute for Advanced Study in European Culture


In order to promote an integrated study in European culture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University collaborated with Jingyu Humanistic Foundation, establishing the Institute for Advanced Study in European Culture (LASEC) on September 24th, 2011, with much help and support from Principal ZHANG Jie and different social groups.

The Institute for Advanced Study in European Culture is an academic institute affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, under the administration of School of Humanities, whose aim is to conduct an integrated study on European culture on the foundation of latest humanities and social sciences study. It will invite and organize famous scholars from home and abroad, focusing on in-depth study of ideological foundation and spiritual core of European culture by examining basic theories and experience of social practice of the European philosophy, history, literature, theology, poetry, anthropology, linguistics, politics, sociology and other humanities and social sciences. It will combine basic theories, historical research and scientific tests in its research process, and the spirit of innovation, communication and accumulation in its daily work, and eventually constructs an advanced academic platform which is inter-disciplined,  cross-bordered and highly-opened, centers in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, while branches in European with communication and cooperation foundation and research stations.

Furthermore, the Institute for Advanced Study in European Culture pursues a successful beginning, internationalized management and powerful team since its establishment. The Institute cooperates and communicates with several European universities and research institutes. It hires Prof Axel Honneth (Director of Institute for Social Research, University of Frankfurt, Germany), Prof Julia Kristeva (Director of Institute for Literature and Comparative Cultures, Paris Diderot University, France) as Honorable Presidents. The Institute comprises French Research Institute, German Research Institute, British Research Institute, Ancient Greek Roman Research Institute, and Aesthetics and Arts Research Institute. It publishes journals such as Europeana, the French Thought Commentary and European Culture Series. The semiyearly Europeana has won the International Standard Series Number (ISSN) in Paris, France, and the spring and autumn edition is being published simultaneously by People’s Publishing House and Editions l’Harmattan (Paris). Apart from that, the Institute is a construction member of Central Compilation & Translation Bureau Shanghai Jiao Tong University Marxism and European Culture Research Foundation. It keeps a close academic relationship with Central Compilation & Translation Bureau.