Research Centers

The Tokyo Trial Research Center


The Center for the Tokyo Trial Studies of Shanghai Jiao Tong University opened with an inaugural ceremony in May, 2011. After its founding, the Center brings together scholars of various disciplines such as history, law, and international relations, and commits itself to the career of material construction and academic research in collaboration with the National Library. Serving as one part of building special platform featuring liberal arts during “the third phase of 985 project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University”, the center aims to make a complete domestic archives preservation library for the Tokyo Trial, a place for displaying books and reference materials, and an important base for the academic research.

The functions of the center include literature collection, literature translation, academic research, education demonstration, database construction, academic discussion. It will collect the overseas materials concerning Tokyo trial and provide related clues in full support of the National Library. Its mission begins with supporting Professor Xiang Longwan in his assistance for the National Library in the literature copy and collection in America, and promotes the construction of the “Research Center” by implementing the project through mobilizing and integrating campus staff swiftly.