Department of History
Name:Yang Chan
Title:Tenure-track Associate Professor

Research Expertise:Postwar Sino-Japanese Relations, Collective Memory Studies, World War Two Legacies, 'Enemy Aliens' in WWII

Courses:"Brief History of China", “Chinese History" (Taught in English), "Memory: A new approach to China’s 20th Century History”(Taught in English),“Wars and Revolutions in 20th Century China"

Working Experience
• Mar 2018- present Assistant Professor/Associate Professor, History Department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PRC
• Oct 2014-Mar 2018 Postdoc, Lecturer, Institute for International Studies and Collaborative Innovation Centre on Territorial Sovereignty and Maritime Rights, Wuhan University, PRC 
• Oct 2012-Jun 2014   Humanities Academic Assistant, School of Humanities, University of Bristol, UK
• Apr 2010-Jun 2010   Part-time researcher, The Japan Forum on International Relations, Japan 

• PhD in Historical Studies, Department of History, University of Bristol, UK, Oc 2010 Oct- Jun 201  
Language Skills
• English:Advanced. I passed IELTS exam to get a place in a UK university. I am also using the language extensively on my course; I have spent nearly five years living in the UK and was an integrated member of UK society actively participating in several social groups and events.                             
• Japanese:Advanced. I hold Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (Level 1, the highest level). Also, I wrote my undergraduate dissertation and passed the viva in Japanese; I have working experience in a Japanese-only environment.

• Chan Yang,  World War Two Legacies in East Asia, China Remembers the War, London: Routledge, 2017
• Chan Yang,  Memory War: the Contested Nature of Japan’s Fifteen-year War Remembrance and postwar Japan (in Chinese), Shanghai Jiaotong University Press (manuscript completed)

• Chan Yang,  'Perplexities Between Enemy Aliens and Their Motherland: The UK Government's Measures for British Civilians Stranded in the Far East, 1941–2011', War in History (SSCI,A&HCI).

• Chan Yang,  'Japanese Internment of Allied Civilians in WWII China: Perspectives on the Enemy Aliens Protection Mechanism’, Journal of Contemporary History (SSCIA&HCI), 57,2(2022), pp.387-411

• Chan Yang, 'Ruthless Manipulations or Benevolent Amnesia? The Role of the History of the Fifteen-year War in China’s Diplomacy towards Japan before the 1982 Textbook Incident', Modern Asian Studies 50,5(2016), pp.1705-1747. 

• Chan Yang,「日本の第二次大戦記憶をめぐる争い(Conflicts centred around Japan’s WWII memory) (in Japanese),「日本学研究」,2018.1. 

• Chan Yang, ‘Brutal Colonial Rule, Numerous Atrocities’ (in Chinese), People’s Daily, 15 Aug 2016
• Chan Yang, ‘The revolution of Japanese remembrance of WWII and its impact on Japan’s politics and diplomacy’(in Chinese), Huxiang Forum, 2016.2.   
• Chan Yang, Praising, consoling and compensating the anti-Japanese martyrs under the National United Front against Japanese invasion (in Chinese), History Teaching and Research, 2016.2 
• Chan Yang, ‘Reflective Thoughts and Remembrance of WWII in Europe and Asian’ (in Chinese), Journal of Hunan University (Social Sciences), 2016.1. 
• Chan Yang,  ‘The changes of China and Japan’s role in the East Asian rationalisation process since 1990s’ (in Chinese), Huxiang Forum, 2015.1.

Research Projects and Funds

• PI, 'Protection of Enemy Aliens in the Far East during WWII and its legacies', Chinese National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences under Grant 22CSS019.

• PI, ‘The Evolution of Western Countries and Japan’s Memory about China’s War of Resistance against Japan, 1945-present’,  China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2016 May  
• PI, ‘A shift about Japan and Western Countries’ interpretation of China’s War of Resistance against Japan during the immediate postwar period’ , Wuhan University, 2016 Apr
• Participating, ‘Collecting and Researching Archives about WWII history’, Chinese National Social Science Foundation, Dec 2016
• Participating, ‘Modern Japanese Literature and the War’,  Wuhan University, Sep 2016 
• Received a grant from Bristol Alumni Foundation, 2013 Feb
• Received a grant from Sasakawa Peace Foundation, 2012 Jul          
• Received a grant from Universities’ China Committee in London 2012 Apr
• Received various small grants from the Graduate school of Arts and Humanities, University of Bristol, 2010-2013

Consultation papers 
• ‘Comparison and Inspiration: The Foreign Ministries’ websites of China, Japan and the Philippines’ (in Chinese), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Mar 2017
• ‘Report on the Fieldwork in Tokyo in 2016’ (in Chinese), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Dec 2016

• ‘Report on the research trip to the Sino-North Korean Border (Jilin Province)’(in Chinese), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Sep 2016

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations 
Dec 2017  Presentation about the history of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, in Symposium on Civic  
               Engagement and State Policy for Peace in Northeast Asia, University of Pennsylvania, US
Jun 2017  ‘Chinese perceptions and historiography of the Sino-Japanese War, 1931-45’, in ‘Violence,  
                   Atrocity and ConflictL New Research from East Asia in Comparative Perspective with Europe’ 
                   Workshop, University of Oxford, UK
Jan 2017  ‘Comparing the propagandist strategy carried out by the Chinese, Japanese and Filipino  
                  government in the field of territorial issues’, in ‘the Philippines’ South China Sea Arbitration’  
                  workshop, Wuhan university, PRC  
Oct 2016    Presentation about the past and present of WWII memory, in Symposium on the San Francisco    
                   Peace Treaty System, Columbia University, US 
Nov 2015   ‘Japan’s Fifteen-year War Remembrance’, in ‘War and Memory’ conference, East China Normal 
                    University, PRC
May 2015  ‘Remember the Second World War, What East Asia Can Learn From Europe’, in ‘the Impact of 
                    Soviet Union and China on defeating Fascist and Japanese Militarist’ international conference,  
May 2014  ‘The Fifteen-year War in the PRC’s Museums’, in ‘Public History in Contested Spaces: Memory,  
                    Identity and Heritage in East and Southeast Asia’ workshop, University of York, UK
Jan  2014   ‘Beyond Sino-Japanese Relations: commemoration of the five war memorial days in the PRC’,  
                     the 3rd Sino-Japanese Relations Research Network Conference University of Leeds, UK
Dec 2013    ‘Europe and East Asia: The Evolution of the Remembrance of World War Two’, History  
                    Postgraduate Research Seminar, University of Bristol
July 2013    Presentation about ‘hybrid’ research methodology, in ‘Conducting Research into Sino-Japanese   

                    Relations’ Workshop, University of Leeds 

Apr 2013    ‘Remembrance of the Fifteen-year War and Sino-Japanese Relations’,  in ‘China, the Politics

                   of Memory, and World War II’ international workshop, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
Oct 2012    Presentation about cultural sources and newspapers, in ‘How Sources Shape Research’ workshop  University of Oxford, UK  
Sep 2012    ‘A case study of a quasi-diplomatic event’, in the 2nd Annual Sino-Japanese Relations 

                   Postgraduate Network Conference, University of Leeds, UK

Aug 2012    ‘Monument and Memory: Remembrance of August 6 and Fifteen-year War in Hiroshima’, 

                    in summer course Hiroshima & Peace, Hiroshima City University          

Jun  2011   ‘Legacies of Fifteen-year War and History of Sino-Japanese History Problem in China and Japan’
                   in China Postgraduate Network 2011 Annual Conference, London School of Economics, UK