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Name:Zhang Zhiyun
Title:Tenured Associate Professor
Research Expertise:The History of Sino-Foreign Relations, Imperial and Colonial History, the History of Chinese Maritime Customs Service, and Historical Geographic Information System.
Courses:1. The History for Modern China's Foreign Relations. 2. Academic Writing & Ethics. 3. The Introduction for Sinology & Chinese Studies. 4. The Comparative Studies on Sino-Foreign Sinology.

BA in Chinese Literature (Tunghai, Taiwan)
MA in Chinese Business and Asia Pacific (Leeds, UK)
MA in Modern History (Leeds, UK)
MLitt/PhD in History (Bristol, UK)


Chihyun Chang joined the Department of History at SJTU in 2013. He is now teaching the history of Sino-Foreign relations, researching the Chinese Maritime Customs and setting up the GIS of Nationalist China. His research focuses on the adaptation of China’s institutions to the challenges and opportunities from the West, covering from the treaty system in the mid nineteenth century to the Second Rectification Campaign in the mid twentieth century. His works are based on the analyses of primary materials from different countries and he applies new technologies to the management of vast primary materials. Apart from historical research, his interdisciplinary interests also reflect on his studies on life writing and political science.

Chihyun is also Honorary Research Fellow of Department of History at Bristol, Research Fellow of Center for Humanities Research at National Cheng-Chi University and the Center for GIS at Academia Sinica.

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