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Culture is the crystallization of human wisdom based on historical practice and life emotions, which is the ideological resources and spiritual wealth commonly owned by the people in the world. The education of humanities aiming at “influencing and nurturing people with culture” is the fundamental task of shaping the soul of the individuals and cultivating national elites; it is also the main support for the improvement of a person’s quality, temperament, morality and behavior, as well as for the pursuit of major innovations and inventions.

The development of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has always been based on the “deep-rooted understanding of the Chinese history and classics” (“Articles of Association for Nanyang Public School”) and has strictly followed the principle of “good ethics and profound insight” (“Application for Setting up Nanyang Public School”) since the date of its founding. A substantial number of outstanding alumni who had major impact on the history and social development of China came out of the university successively including Gu Hongming, Tang Wenzhi, Zhang Yuanji, Cai Yuanpei, Huang Yanpei, Li Shutong, Zou Taofen, Fu Lei, Qian Xuesen, Zhang Guangdou, Wang Daohan, Wu Wenjun and Jiang Zemin.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, SJTU has made great efforts to build itself a world-class university; while still following the excellent traditional education system for “same emphasis on humanities and polytechnic with promoting each other”, the university has strengthened the development of humanities and implemented the nation’s strategic objective of “rejuvenating the country through talents”, “strengthening the country through culture” and “building an innovative country”. The School of Humanities shoulders the historical responsibility and has played the leading role in the construction of academic disciplines. At present, the School of Humanities includes Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of History, Department of Philosophy, Center for International Chinese Education and Center for Arts Education. National College Students’ Cultural Quality Education Base and Institute for Advanced Study in European Culture are affiliated to the School of Humanities.

The School of Humanities will work hard to strengthen the implementation of the concept of “cultivating talents with a wider view” and will engage the teaching and research activities based on the nation’s strategies. We intend to build a first-class faculty team to cultivate top talents through people-oriented and learning-based teaching system for the purpose of the improvement of academic-supported teaching activities; with harmony as the soul and achievement as the target, we aim to build a harmonious and collaborative work team to bring more outstanding achievements and contributions; we also aim to develop and upgrade the School of Humanities through rules, regulations and other innovative means with focuses on standard procedure, strict discipline and stimulated innovation for purpose of a strong footing in the world and more exchanges with countries outside China. The School of Humanities will focus its researches on significant basic theories urgently needed by the country and major practical issues while utilizing all available advantageous resources to develop inter-disciplinary, multi-field and far-sighted academic projects for purpose of output of innovative ideas, significant technological breakthroughs and leading talents, in order to shape a disciplinary cluster with unique characteristics and substantial impact.

We sincerely look forward to attracting more outstanding scholars from home and abroad to work in the School of Humanities for our common dream of self-accomplishment and nation’s rejuvenation! We also warmly welcome students from all around the world to further study in the School of Humanities where they can improve and grow amid a profound atmosphere of humanities!

Dean of the School of Humanities – Professor Yang Qingcun

September 14,2015

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