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Welcome to the School of Humanities at SJTU

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“The essence of humanities is to reach limitations within civilization.” Adhering to innovation, openness and inclusiveness, the School of Humanities at SJTU is committed to promoting dialogue among different civilizations in the era of globalization. A range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs covering Chinese language and literature, history, philosophy, art and international Chinese education have been offered here. Its high-quality academic education will further your knowledge of Chinese culture, improve your multi-disciplinary research abilities, cultivate your critical thinking, expand your academic vision, and train you to become a talent with a global mindset to thrive in your future career. 

What we offer?

Undergraduate Programs

 (Taught in Chinese) 


Postgraduate Programs

Chinese Language Programs (Non-degree)


For more details of our programs, please visit our website:

The School of Humanities welcomes talented students from all over the world, and we look forward to meeting you here at SJTU! 

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