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Press conference of the “new humanism in Shanghai Jiao Tong University · anti-Japanese war led by Communist Party of China in the eyes of foreign observers” held by School of Humanities

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On August 6, 2015, SJTU School of Humanities held a press conference on anti-Japanese war led by Communist Party of China (CPC) in the eyes of foreign observers. In the press conference, latest research results of the research team led by Chair Professor Lv Tonglin were introduced.

For the purpose and design of the launch for the study of anti-Japanese war history from the international perspective, Professor Lv Tonglin introduced the latest progress of the Center to attendees and reporters. In the press conference, the new series of books “compilation of files and documents about anti-Japanese war led by Communist Party of China in the eyes of foreign observers” (draft) completed by Professor Lv s team were particularly noticeable. The multifaceted academic value of this series was affirmed by participating experts. At the same time, unique vision and special contribution of Professor Lv in collection and sorting of relevant historical materials were reflected. The first book of this series with a total of 9 volumes will be published officially within this year. This collection of historical materials with the series of “compilation of Yanan secret archives by observation group of United States Army” has been included in the catalog of national 100 key books highlighting anti-Japanese war by central propaganda department, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People s Republic of China.

The full length documentary “report from Yanan” co-produced by Professor Lvs team and Shanghai documentary channel was released not long ago, which publicized and reflected the latest research results of research group intensely and was a successful example of introducing frontier research of anti-Japanese war history to the public. The subject about “peoples war led by CPC from the international perspective” with the positive and important practical significance was not only the gift to mark 70th anniversary of the victory of anti-Japanese war but also with the potential and value of long-term and continuous development.

School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has been developing rapidly and gained many significant achievements with originality and broad social impacts. A series of activities about “new humanism in Shanghai Jiao Tong University” are an important initiative to show these results.

[Author] Qinhan Jia

[Photographer] Qiangwei Zhou

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