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International Students of School of Humnaities took part in the artistic performance of Confucius Institute Conference

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The 10th Confucius Institute Conference co-sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters, Hanban and Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government was held at Red Hall of Shanghai Expo Centre on December 6 and 7. Liu Yandong, Chinese vice premier and chairman of Confucius Institute Headquarters attended and addressed the conference. More than 2300 people attended this event, including university presidents from more than 130 countries and regions and representatives of Confucius Institute, et al.

20 students with Confucius Institute Scholarship in our school from 10 countries, including Germany, Australia, Poland, Spain, Italy and Russia, et al took part in the artistic performance of this conference on behalf of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. After receiving the notice from Shanghai Board of Education on October 14, Education Center of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages carefully did the work for the selection and rehearsal of participating students as well as the logistics support. Two programs from our university were participated in the artistic performance. One was Mama Mia dancing and singing program and the other one was the involved group dance of “Chinese Style”. Students with Confucius Institute Scholarship stepped up to rehearsal in the spare time on evenings and weekends more than a month ago. On the performance day, there were abroad students to perform through an illness. Finally, the perfect performance of programs from our university was highly affirmed by the director and sponsor.

20 participated students with Confucius Institute Scholarship also said that this performance was their best memory. They said: “to us, this is valuable experience. We can not only understand the culture of other people and expand our horizons, but also make friends with abroad students from other universities. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity offered by Hanban.”

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